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April 21, 2008

Live Report: BBC Russian launches new blogging community on

BBC World Service has taken its engagement with user-generated content to a new level thanks to a joint project with the leading Russian-language blogging platform,

The joint global project, Live Report provides a unique platform for the Russian-speaking blogging community. It connects bloggers with the BBC Russian website,, via Russia's largest blogging platform, LiveJournal.

In a first for BBC World Service, BBC-branded area has been created on, linking the blogging community to key stories on Users can click through to read the BBC stories and return to Live Report to post their blogs, from comments and articles to photos and videos. At the same time, Live Report will encourage budding reporters, wherever they are, to post their blogs on issues that matter to them. The BBC will select most compelling contributions for publication in its output.

BBC World Service Business Development Manager, Russia, Stephan Grootenboer commented: "The BBC is keen to expand engagement with social media and reflect user-generated content in its output. Partnership with LiveJournal manifests the changing nature of BBC Russian as it uses new platforms to reach its audiences. With Live Report project, we are breaking new ground which will help us reinforce links with Russia's vibrant and quickly growing blogging community."

Editor of, Zoya Trunova, added: "We are really excited about this new way of connecting with Russia's online audiences and citizen journalism. With Live Report on, we are embracing a new community of bloggers who, in their turn, will have a chance to engage with the BBC. We hope their contributions will bring us news and insights that are often bypassed by mainstream journalism. This new community will present us with witness reports and personal views from across Russia which may be selected for publication on and the BBC's other international news and information websites."

In Russia, LiveJournal has over 9 million users per month and more than 1.5 million registered accounts. Since the pilot launch of Live Report last month, the community has already acquired 365 new members.

Special Projects Marketing Manager for LiveJournal, Anna Platonova said: "LiveJournal is an excellent platform for getting in front of millions of web users. We are happy for an international broadcaster such as the BBC to use it as a way of generating ideas, stories and features."

To access Live Report, go to

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